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ATSG’s New 8F35 TechTran Manual

8F35 TechTran Manual and Digital Download

This ATSG Ford / Lincoln 8F35 TechTran Manual will guide you in the complete teardown and assembly of the 8F35 transmission with many diagnostics included as well.

The Ford 8F35 introduced for the 2019 model year is an eight speed front wheel drive or all-wheel drive transmission that was co-engineered with the GM 9T50. Ford engineers decided eight speeds were enough. The 8F35 utilizes a four element torque converter with an internal clutch, four planetary gear sets, a hydraulically operated Selectable One-Way Clutch, five friction elements and a main control valve body that contains eight solenoids and something new for Ford, a pressure switch assembly.

The PCM utilizes a unique solenoid control strategy to control the unique CIDAS style solenoids used in this transmission. These solenoids are pulse width modulated but do not have fluid flowing through them. The TCC and line pressure solenoids are more conventional variable force motors. The 8F35 is also available with an engine stop/start feature that uses line pressure to charge two internal drive elements to ensure the vehicle will not delay on initial take-off during an auto-start-stop event.

Vehicles equipped with the 8F35 transmission use an external Powertrain Control Module to deliver eight forward speeds and one reverse as well as lockup control strategy. It also controls shift timing and shift feel using inputs from several sensors, some of which are shared by the engine control system. The transmission is cooled through an external fluid cooler which is an oil to coolant type that controls flow thermostatically.

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