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We're shifting gears to start our 2023 ATSG Grand Prix!

In-Person Technical Seminar

With speakers Rino Partipilo, Pete Luban, and Wayne Colonna leading the pack, ATSG's Technical Seminar will cover ALL topics from the Red, White, and Blue 2023 Seminar Books!
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WHAT: Louisville Seminar
WHEN: February 25, 2023
TIME: 9am
WHERE: Paroquet Springs Conference Center
INCLUDED: Seminar seat, lunch, shirt, raffle prizes, and 2023 Seminar Book Set

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$225 Early Bird, $250 After

  • The In-Person Seminar (February 25)
  • 2023 Seminar Book Set
  • Seminar Lunch
  • Show T-shirt
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Additional 2023 Book Sets: $100 ($150 Value)
  • Additional T-Shirts: $20 ($35 Value)
  • 2022 Seminar Book Sets: $75 ($150 Value)


$275 Early Bird, $300 After

  • The In-Person Seminar (February 25)
  • 2023 Seminar Book Set
  • Seminar Lunch
  • Show T-shirt
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Additional 2023 Book Sets: $100 ($150 Value)
  • Additional T-Shirts: $20 ($35 Value)
  • 2022 Seminar Book Sets: $75 ($150 Value)
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In-Person Seminar schedule


MEMBERS: $225 Early Bird, $250 Regular (includes Seminar Book Set & T-shirt)
NON-MEMBERS: $275 Early Bird, $300 Regular (includes Seminar Book Set & T-shirt)
Saturday, February 25
9 AM
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The In-Person Seminar will cover ALL topics from the Red, White, and Blue Seminar Book Set!

GM: 6L90; No Movement & engine lugged down-TCC Switch Valve Stuck, 6L80; P0741, no TCC-TCC valve end plug mis-assembled, 6L90; 2nd Gear Start from Alt EMI, 6L80-90; No movement forward. Low sprag bad or installed upside down, 6L80-90; Slips on hard throttle acceleration. Compensator piston blow out-Compensator valve installed backwards, 6L80; Damaged Sprag Lube Seal, 6L80; Fractured Filler Tube, 6L45/6L50; Bell Housing Damage, 6L45/50; Output Planetary Failure, 6T40 AWD; Scrapping noise – PTU ring gear damage, 6T40-GEN-III; Flared Shifts, Orifice #10 Clogged, 6T70; No comm with TCM-Bus wires damaged @ case conn. Wires sold separately, 6T70; Flare on 2-3 & 3-2 shift-Valve body replacement, 6T70; Shift Complaints- Damaged Comp Blow-Off Ball, 8L90; No Upshift After Repairs, 8L90; Stop/Start VB Mixup, 10L90; Pump Bearing failure, 4L60E; Revised Valve body and plate ID, 4L80E; bind up in D3-D2 and D1. Separator plate problem.

FORD: Ford Transit Van; Water Intrusion Into Engine Bay, 5R55E; Harsh Shifts, 5R110W; TRS codes set – Wire damage, 6F35: Sets P0741 – Stator shaft bushing, 6R80; Overheat Condition – Thermal Bypass Vlv under harmonic balancer, 6R80; Grinding noise between shifts – E Drum inner tube wear – Needs more research, 8F35; Shift Relearn Procedure, 8F57; Sets Codes P0741 & P1744 – E clutch drum damaged, 10R80; Gear Ratio Error Codes, 10R80; Park Lock Sys Description, 10R80; Input shaft differences – 2 or 4 Holes in front?, 10R140; Ticking noise from bellhousing, 10R140; Harsh or delayed shifts – Perform control break in routine, 10R140; Skip Shift strategy description, Ford F250/350 4×4; Sets code P1812 – 4×4 selector switch detents, 6R140W; Rear Planet differences, 6R140W; with 6.7 overheating. Secondary cooling system problem, 6F35; No Line Rise – Sol Feed Bal Hole Not Drilled. This also a no movement condition, E4OD; rough shifts, bad MAP, 5R44-55E; no 3rd, slips in reverse. Servo seal.

STELLANTIS: 62TE; Shifting Problems, 62TE; Dodge Promaster; Stores Code P0883, 545RFE; Lugs engine down in drive only – Wrong sol pack gasket used, 545RFE; Low Line Presssure, 68RFE; Sets P0871 – OD Press Sw wire rubbed through, Dodge RFE Series –  Scraping Noise from bell housing, 68RFE; Slipping low fluid – Updated Dip Stick, RFE; slips or no clutch engagement. Accum seals, 47-48RE; with TransGo kit. Low gov pressure, Fiat 500L C635 DDCT; SDU failure due to water intrusion

IMPORT: Audi 0B5; No comm with TCM – Pin 16 inner core missing, Hyundai A6GF1; No Fwd Movement. Cracked UD Press Plate, Genesis A8LR1; Harsh 2-3 & 3-4 Shift – Replace Sols, Honda Fit GTAA; False Code Set-VSA Lamp On, Honda Accord BCLA; No Movement, Honda Odyssey 10 Speed; Park does not hold, Nissan JF015E; No Reverse Engagement, Nissan JF015E; 1-2 Flare – K&N Air Filter/MAF contamination, Nissan JF015E; False P0744-Bad Primary Pulley Speed Sensor, Nissan RE0F10D ; Rev clutch seal missing, Mazda CX9 AY6A-EL; No Movement – Bent flywheel, Mitsubishi RVR CVT JF011E; Harsh forward and reverse engagement, DTC2719, Toyota U760E; Sets P0715, harsh shifts – Battery acid on case conn, Toyota A340; TCC on top of second gear-NC shift solenoid installed in place of TCC sol, Toyota Camry U660E/U760E; TCM replacement.

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The goal ATSG sets for its In-Person Seminar is to bring the most important information to the attending technicians. The seminar manuals can be used as references to the material while in the shop, as the fixes outlined are needed.

Our educational sessions and accompanying materials are designed to bring the best practices, practical solutions, and confirmed fixes from the field and within our expanded research and development to save your shop time, money, and frustration on your transmission work. ATSG content helps prevent mid-diagnosis, and ensures the problems get fixed right the first time.

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