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We're back, matey! On June 25th, ATSG is sailing to Florida for our 2022 Technical Seminar! Sign up 3 and get the 4th FREE!

In-Person Seminar

With speakers Wayne Colonna and Pete Luban at the helm, ATSG's all-day Technical Seminar will cover ALL the topics from the Red, White, and Blue 2022 Seminar Book Set! Sign up 3 and get the 4th FREE!
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On June 25th, the ATSG Seminar Ship is sailing to Florida for our 2022 Technical Seminar! Every ticket gets a seat at the in-person seminar, lunch, 2022 Seminar Book Set, show T-shirt, and a chance to win raffle prizes!

We’ve got all hands on deck for our 2023 seminar season, so keep your eyes peeled for the ATSG Seminar Ship coming to a port near you!



Purchase the PIRATE PACKAGE to get a seat at the in-person seminar, 2022 Seminar Book Set, lunch, show t-shirt, and your chance to win raffle prizes!



  • The Live Seminar (June 25)
  • 2022 Seminar Book Set
  • Seminar Lunch
  • Show T-shirt
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Additional 2022 Book Sets: $100 ($150 Value)
  • Additional T-Shirts: $20 ($35 Value)
  • 2021 Seminar Book Sets: $75 ($150 Value)



  • The Live Seminar (June 25)
  • 2022 Seminar Book Set
  • Seminar Lunch
  • Show T-shirt
  • Raffle Prizes
  • Additional 2022 Book Sets: $100 ($150 Value)
  • Additional T-Shirts: $20 ($35 Value)
  • 2021 Seminar Book Sets: $75 ($150 Value)
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A HUGE "Thank You" to all of our sponsors and vendors who have made this voyage possible!




Become an ATSG member and receive discounted pricing by checking the "Join ATSG" checkbox on the Registration Form.

In-Person Seminar schedule

PIRATE Package

MEMBERS: $300 (includes Seminar Book Set & T-shirt)
NON-MEMBERS: $350 (includes Seminar Book Set & T-shirt)
Saturday, June 25th
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The In-Person Seminar will cover ALL topics from the Red, White, and Blue Seminar Book Set

RED BOOK- 4L60E : 09 & Later Detent Spring is Different then 08, 4L60E : Sudden Loss Of Line Pressure, 4L60E : No Reverse Engagement, 4L60E : Brutal 1-2 Shift, 4L60E : Valve Body Damage, 6T40 : Reoccurring Code P0741, 6T45 : No Reverse – Checkball #3 in wrong location, 6T40 : Shifts 1-N, 6T75 : 2-3 Flared Shift, 6T70 : Self-Tapping Pump Screws, 6T70 : Internal Mode Switch Repair, 6L50 : 3-5-R Air Check Leak, 6L80 : Kills Engine In Drive & Reverse, 6L80 : No Rev, 3rd or 5th, 6L80 : No Forward Movement, 6L80 : Redesigned Cooler Bypass Valve, 6L80 : Converter Clutch Slip, 8L45 : Harsh 1-2 Shift, 8L90 : Increased Throttle Pedal Effort, 8L90 : Pump & Seal Change, 8L90/45 : No Move After VB Replacement, 8L90/45 : Cadillac Frt Wheel Area Noise, 9T65 : Sets P187E : Will Not Engage Park, 10L80 : VB Bolt Kit, Chevy Volt 4ET50 : Scraping Noise, Allison 1000 : Delay/Bang Into 4th Gear – PSE Code due to C5 Leak, Allison 1000 : C1 Clutch Backfill Valve Eliminated, Allison 1000 : End Play Bindup, Allison 1000 : Redesigned C1 Piston Seal, Allison 1000 : Setting Code P0776, Allison 1000-2000 : C1 Clu Hsg Snap Ring & P3 Ring Gear Changes, Allison : 6th GEN Controls, 10L1000 : 2nd Gear Starts

WHITE BOOK 4R70W :  No 4th Gear : 3-4 Shift Valve Retainer In Wrong Location, Edge :  Tight Corner Braking, Edge w/2.0L Engine – Flywheel Rattle, 5R55S :  Delayed Engagements, 5R110W : Overtemp Condition, 5R110W : Low Line Pressure, 5R110W : No 2nd Or 6th, 5R110W : No Lockup, Sets DTC P1744, Transit Van w/6R80 :  Driveshaft Flexible Coupling Failure, DPS6 :  Transmission Case Wear, 6F35 :  Case Bearing Pocket Wear, 6F35 :  Trans Overtemp Condition, 6F35 :  No Fwd, 5th Gear Starts, 6F35 :  Gen 1 & 2 Transitional Differences, 6F35 :  Stalls Engine In Gear, 6F35 : Random Rough Forward Engagement, 6F50 :  3-4 Flare – Misplaced Checkball, 6R80 :  SSE Resistance Change, 6R60/75/80 : Cooler Bypass Valve Plug, 6R80 : Speed Sensor Problems, Sets DTC P062C, 6R140W : Trans Cooler Upgrade, 6R140W : Unique Front Pump Seal, 8F35 : Loss of Reverse, 10R80 : Slips in 10th : C-D-F Drum Sleeve Moved, 10R80 : Slips, in 10th gear, Bad APP, 10R80 : Clutch Clearance Specifications, Ford TCC Complaints, Chrysler Secure Gateway Info, Chrysler IOD Fuse, PROXI Configuration Procedure, RAM Cardan Driveshaft Failure, RFE : L/R Piston Return Spring Retainer, 42RLE : No Move, Lockup Switch Valve Installed Backwards, 42RLE : No rev, Shifts 1-N : Stripped front planetary, 42RLE : Neutral on 2-3 Shift : Broken O-ring On Input Clutch Hub, RE Series : Kickdown Band Lever Info, RH/RE Series: Late 1-2 & 2-3 Shifts, High TV, RH/RE Series : Metallic Noise Or Grunt, 62TE : No Start, IC Warning lights On : Trans Case Ground Bad, 62TE : Crank With No Spare, 62TE : Rough 2-3 & 5-6 & 3-4 Flare, 948TE : P1720 Set : No Forward, 948TE AWD : Harsh Coast Downshift Clunks, 948TE : Revised “C” Clutch Snap Ring

BLUE BOOK Acura MDX ZF9HP48 : Intermittent No Forward, Audi Coolant Control Valve Leak, Benz C Class 4Matic : Tight Corner Braking, Benz 722.6 : Buzzing Noise : Stripped Stator Shaft Splines, Land Rover ZF8HP70: Trans Case Oil Leak, Nissan Rouge : RE0F03H Preliminary Info, Nissan RE6R01A : Prelim Info, Nissan Versa : P0705 Set, Corroded Taillamp, Nissan Versa RE0F11A : Setting P0744, Nissan RE0F09B : P0841 Set, Nissan Altima: No key detected, Honda Pilot BVGA : Sets P0743 & Jerks : Bad G151 Ground, Honda Fit CVT : Noisy Operation, Honda Fit CVT GTAA : Storing DTC U0401, Honda Flexplate/Starter Noise, Hyundai/Kia A5G-HF1: Solenoid Cooling Pipe Location, Hyundai Veloster D6GF1 DCT : No Reverse, Hyundai D7UF1 : Clutch Replacement, Hyundai A6MF1 : No Move – VB with feed hole in wrong position installed, Genesis A8LR1 : No Fwd, Case Sleeve Turned, Hyundai Sante Fe : 3.5L Engine Oil Leak, Subaru TR580 CVT : Fluid Service Plug Change, Subaru TR580 CVT : Speed Sensor Codes, Subaru CVT : TCC Solenoid Codes, Toyota AB60E : No Movement, Toyota U660E : Harsh Shifts, No 5th or 6th Gears : Broken KS Wire

  • No voyage is complete <strong>WITHOUT A TEE!</strong>
    No voyage is complete WITHOUT A TEE!
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  • The 2022 Seminar Book Set</br> is <strong>HERE!</strong>
    The 2022 Seminar Book Set
    is HERE!
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The goal ATSG sets for its In-Person Seminar is to bring the most important information to the attending technicians. The seminar manuals can be used as references to the material while in the shop, as the fixes outlined are needed.

Our educational sessions and accompanying materials are designed to bring the best practices, practical solutions, and confirmed fixes from the field and within our expanded research and development to save your shop time, money, and frustration on your transmission work. ATSG content helps prevent mid-diagnosis, and ensures the problems get fixed right the first time.

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