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The ATSG Advantage Warranty is a nationwide warranty that allows customers who have encountered any problems while out of state or a substantial distance away from the ATSG warrantor shop who performed the original rebuild of their transmission. These customers will be able to take advantage of having their transmission corrected free of charge by another trusted ATSG warrantor shop that is closer to their location and the bill will be paid by the originating “Warrantor Shop”.

ATSG will provide its Warranty Members with warranty forms to utilize in their shops and provide to their customers!

ATSG is one of the most recognized, self-employed organizations of automatic transmission and total car care shops worldwide, making the ATSG Advantage Warranty one of the most widely accepted warranties of any chain or franchise in the industry.

The Benefits of Becoming an
ATSG Advantage Warranty Member

Included option for Members!

  • There is no additional cost for the warranty to existing members
  • Feel confident with repairs knowing another ATSG Certified Member is working on your customer’s vehicle
  • Cost guidelines to assure prices are fair
  • Attracts customers who may be traveling or may be passing through your neck of the woods
  • ATSG is at your service from beginning to end to assure proper handling of warranty work
  • If Members would like their logo or shops name pre-printed on the warranty forms, this can be done for a small charge of $25 per 100 forms

The ATSG Advantage Warranty is Offered Under the Following 5 Terms:

  • 3 months
    4,000 miles
  • 6 months
    6,000 miles
  • 12 months
    12,000 miles
  • 24 months
    24,000 miles
  • 36 months
    36,000 miles

The Process

When your customer has an issue with their transmission, and is too far from you, give ATSG a call to get them connected with the partner ATSG Advantage Warranty Member in their area. We’ll make sure the process proceeds smoothly, and your customer gets taken care of!

For warranty repairs, please contact the original warrantor shop. ATSG Advantage Warranty remains valid for the term of the warranty (terms and conditions apply and are listed on the warranty form as well as below), provided the original warrantor shop is an ATSG Member who is in good standing during the term of the warranty.

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