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Groups representing automakers and independent repair shops say they have an reached agreement the week of July 10. This agreement includes the much fought over vehicle data and telematics which are required to perform certain repairs requiring information that was formerly forbidden by the original equipment manufacturer to any independent repair facility.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, the Automotive Service Association and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists said the updated commitment affirms a 2014 national memorandum of understanding between automakers and the independent repair industry.

The 2014 agreement, which came about after Massachusetts passed its own automotive right-to-repair law in 2013, gave shops in all states the same access to diagnostic and repair information. Under the new deal, the groups said independent repair shops will continue to have access to the same diagnostic and repair information automakers make available to their authorized dealer networks even as technology evolves.

That access also applies to telematics data needed to diagnose and repair a vehicle, if not otherwise available. It also covers all vehicle technologies and powertrains, including battery-electric, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles. The parties also have pledged to work together on education and training, with additional resources avail-able to independent repair shops such as through an automaker’s repair website or through third-party information providers, software and tools.

As congress considers the right to repair legislation that would mandate that vehicle owners and independent repair shops will have the same access to repair and maintenance tools and date as automakers and their authorized dealers do.

The SMART act, which was reintroduced, would amend U.S. patent law by reducing the time automakers can enforce design patents on certain parts from 14 years to two and a half years against aftermarket parts suppliers.

The newly introduced bills are considered “built to last” and anticipates changes in automotive technology.

To date four states have passed these bills, twenty seven have “Active Right To Repair” Bills, fourteen have bills introduced and five still have no right to repair.

Its going to take a combined effort for all who are involved with the aftermarket independent automotive repair industry, so do your part to support this effort by contacting your federal and state lawmakers.

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